Old Milwaukee Lager

No gimmicks, just a great-tasting, well-balanced beer at an accessible price. Old Mil Lager has the versatility to hang at home or come along on your next outdoor adventure. This is beer build right.

Taste Profile:

Old Milwaukee uses a tried and true brewing process and fermentation profile to convert a variety of hops and 6-row blend malt into an award winning, full-bodied, carefully balanced beer. Old Milwaukee has a creamy mouth feel, slightly malty flavor with a hint of corn, low to medium hop bitterness, and a clean finish.

ABV: 4.6%

Calories: 145

Old Milwaukee Light

The award-winning, low calorie version of its parent, Old Milwaukee Light is a refreshing beer for any occasion. By coupling taste that beats out the pricier competition with a new modern look, Old Mil Light is an unbeatable choice. Accessible, fun, uncomplicated, and best enjoyed with friends, Old Mil Light is the ultimate session beer.

Taste Profile:

Old Milwaukee Light is similar in malt ratio to Old Milwaukee but differs in its mashing profile shifting the balance of extract and alcohol to a light beer. The hopping protocol is similar to the full calorie version so that the taste character and aroma are retained.

ABV: 3.82%

Calories: 110

Old Milwaukee NA

Old Milwaukee N.A. Is the choice for those looking for a great-tasting, non-alcoholic beer. All of the Old Milwaukee signature flavor at a lower ABV.

ABV: 0.4%

Calories: 58